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If so, it’s time to design a new one or modify your old look. Language that most people cannot understand or remember (eg Latin).

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A logo is a concept in graphic form that captures the spirit of your school.A logo should be flexible, reproducible, enlargeable and uncluttered.It should be timeless – not trendy, as fashion is quickly outdated. Direct your designer to prepare your logo in colours suitable for online use, that work in 3D, that can be animated, and that will work even in a very small size on a computer screen.An image from long ago that depicts disused buildings, dated icons, obsolete colours or other long-deceased features. 3 Present a professional image There are two or three elements to a logo - the brand name, the brand mark, which is a recognised symbol or colour, and the brand slogan consisting of four to six words.To bring all these elements together it’s a good idea to invest in a professional designer.

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