Orthodoxy on dating

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As long as they stay married they are transgressing the law." D. based faith and religion writer Menachem Wecker confirms Goldin's words when addressing this predicament: "I don't know of any Orthodox rabbi who would marry a Kohein to a woman who is divorced or who converted, even if the couple does not plan on having children.The only 'loophole' I know of is if the Kohein himself is the product of a union between a Kohein and a woman who is divorced or who converted.the latter leading some to quietly adopt a 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy like the one recently dropped by the U. I was surprised to discover that DNA testing has recently shown a common, distinct genetic marker exists among Y chromosomes of the majority of Kohanim tested.Educator Lorne Rozovsky writes what it means to be a Kohein today on Chabad.org: "The Kohanim have the privilege of being called first to say the blessing over the Torah during religious services.

Today, Kohanim, believed to be the direct descendants, perform certain roles in the synagogue and are called up to read portions of Torah with reference given to their lineage.

No matter how modern and progressive he's become, much of what was stressed at home is ingrained in him today.

"In my early twenties, being a Kohein wasn't much of an issue since the number of women who've converted, been divorced, or felt the need to date outside their faith was relatively small," he says, "In general, I don't expect that conversion-related issues will ever be a primary concern for many Kohanim simply because women who've converted are relatively few in number.

Craig, who asked that I change his real name, is a professional in his upper 30s with charm, wit and good looks to match. ), he comes from an Orthodox family that is strict about following traditions and Jewish law.

He has no problem attracting single women by the droves. Although he prefers not to label himself religiously (i.e. He is a bit of a rebel where they're concerned, but he has a deep respect for them.

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