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In this 20th century, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church is conducting many apostolic missions – that is organizing church councils and founding clergy training programs within the country; and carrying on her apostolic missionary activities. Nevertheless, the sense of freedom that the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church maintained for centuries being, the torch of freedom to all Africa has enabled Africans to be aware of their freedom. Edited by Aymero W and Joachim M., The Ethiopian Orthodox Church, published by the Ethiopian Orthodox mission, Addis Ababa 1970.But God’s word is not contained only in them, there is an unwritten word of God also, which we call apostolic tradition. We receive the one and other with equal veneration. I asked Penny later, "What happened in Sunday school? The Bible The Holy Scriptures are one of the two great foundations of the faith and here is what our church holds and teaches concerning it. " Then Penny went to Sunday school last week, where her teachers decided to reenact the Passion of Jesus.I was sitting in church when, halfway through the sermon, one of the teachers brought Penny to me.

Compositions (works) on the virgins (celibates) - Writings (compositions) on the woman who anointed Jesus - Compositions (writings) on the Samaritan woman - Writings on the birth of Christ - Writings on Epiphany - Writings on the Resurrection etc. Writings that describe the biography of the martyrs Biography and works of St. Books, which show writings of compositions - The composition or writing of one of the criminals (outlaws), who was hanged with Jesus - On the Miracles of St.

Historical Books - First writing on Zion - Biography (Gedle) of Lalibela - History of the Kings of Axum - History of the Kings of Zagwe - On the treasure of the kings - On the honor of the Kings - Tefut - Biography (Gedle) of Tekla Haimanot - George the son of Amid - History of Alexander - Works of the brothers – Part II - Books on preaching 8. Books on nature and science - Books on nature and science Part II and I - Aximaros - Phisalgos on animals and others 13.

Books on Calendar - Book of Abushakir - Sid, the Son of Batrik - Mark son of Kenbar - Leader of Blind – by Demetros - Mathematics concerning calendar by the Monastery of Bizen 7. Books on the tradition and culture of the country - On old age and adolescence - Customs and traditions of Ethiopia 12.

Scared books Most of these books are written in sections or parts for bindings, these are - The old & The New Testaments - The Books of the scholars of the Church - Metsehafe Menequsat (book of the Monks) 5. Yared - Digua - Thesome Digua - Mieraf - Zimare - Mewasiet - Zik - Mezmur - Liturgy (Kedasie) - Saatat (of ABBA Giorgis) 6. Different philosophical books - Wogris the Wise (philosopher) - Angare Felasfa (collections from philosophers) - Thoughts and commentary of Zera Yacob of Axum 11.

Books on Church administration and on counseling - A big book on the Synod of the Apostles in four parts - The Didache and Abthulis - The book on the Synod of Nicea - The book on the Synod of Galatia - The book on the Synod of Antioch - The book on the Synod of Lethokia - The book on the Synod of Kerthica - The book on the Synod of Esrskousia - The book on the Synod of Srethia - The book of Fetha Negast - Spiritual Medicine (Fewse Menfsawi) - Exegesis on the meeting of clergy (Tikbe Kahenat) 4.

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