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Its already been 2 years that i know her and in those times, she kind of got friendly with us and used to talk to us when she comes to fetch water.Ocassionally,when she wears a nighty, i used to have a glimpse of her nipples and small tight boobs when she bends to lift up the vessel. I then immediately use dto rush to bethroom and masturbate.2- The Wertham Files on 8muses comics, cartoon porn comic Crime Smashers!Hi All, I am Ramesh again, its has been since last few days, i did not write to Kerala Erotica, was busy at work, but, me and my wife Sujata always visit site.” It doesnt happen as people mention in some fantasies as immediately she says ” Yes darling.on i am waiting for you” and we will have “it” right there. I hugged her and tightened my arms around her back, that made her boobs push on to my chest. She was emanating some sweaty smell as she was usually working on her household chores from the morning.

I havent yet tried kissing her lips but was dying to do that.

It was a real good kiss and i guess we were kissing for more than ten minutes.

I took her both lips between my lips and licked them with my tongue.

I used to tell her that ladies of her age will be fat and out of shape while she looks very much in shape. One afternoon, when she was at my house, in kitchen, i dont remember how it started but i started telling her, in our discussion, that i always wanted to know how does it feel when i hug a girl, kiss her intimately.

She was giving a strange smile that shows a spec of disbelief about what i was saying that i never kissed a girl.

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