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Make sure you screenshot everything too -- they may stumble upon your profile and block you to save face.

Plus, screenshots are easy to share with your friends -- and cackling evilly with a group is just so much more fun than cackling alone. They’ll never know you were there, you Ok Cupid ninja you. They have a job, they get your 80s pop culture references and as a major bonus, they’re actually really cute.

Sharing a plate of cheese fries now doesn’t mean you have to share your free sample of lube later. Your date’s killer sense of humor or smart and sassy conversation style might just transform them from a six back into a nine.

Attraction is more than skin deep, and if at the end of the date you still aren’t feeling it, at least you had a nice time and scored some positive dating karma for your next adventure.

You’re sexy, you’re down to earth, you’re hilarious and you’re getting PLENTY of Ok Cupid messages — but they all say the same thing: “Hey, what’s up?

” There isn’t a single enticing message in your inbox and you’re practically begging the universe to send you someone, anyone, who puts more than 30 seconds of thought into their opening message.

This’ll give them a built-in ice-breaker and may lead to more actual conversations and fewer cringe-worthy opening lines.There are plenty of fish in the sea, but let’s be honest -- not all of them are majestic marlins.Navigating the waters of online dating takes some serious skill, and while you’re angling for the partner of your dreams, you may find yourself in more than a few unsavory situations that no amount of sex lube can help you slide out of. Use these Ok Cupid tips and become the captain of your own dating destiny.) You’ve followed a pretty solid list of Ok Cupid tips and you’re ready for a full armada of dreamboats to dock in your port, but when you open your inbox you practically get whiplash from all the graphic scenarios being hurled your way.You like sex just as much as the next person but you aren’t exactly turned on by how many people seem to start their Ok Cupid messages with super detailed descriptions of their junk. Don’t: hurl your laptop into the nearest dumpster at the first sign of a crotch shot or graphic message.

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    Make sure you screenshot everything too -- they may stumble upon your profile and block you to save face.

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