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(As astute readers have pointed out, a tree's age can be roughly determined by doing a simple calculation based on the circumference of the tree about 4.5 feet off the ground.)"High Park is, in my view, the most stunning site in Europe for ancient oaks," Farjon told Megan Archer of the Oxford Times.


The event will also provide the opportunity for holiday shopping with retail vendors offering a unique selection of gift ideas.Today, you can tour the property and even spend the night in a (mercifully air-conditioned) cottage on the 25-acre grounds. Keep your eye on the market if you've got a few mil to burn--these guys occasionally go up for sale. Today, it's a museum and home to 40 or 50 polydactyl cats (meaning they have six toes), some of whom are direct descendants of Hemingway's own famous feline, Snow White. With its billiard hall, tennis courts and private putting green, it's the kind of place that conjures images of Hugh Hefner-types, smoking cigars in velvet robes. The options include the creation of a dream principal estate or an enclave of homes, with approval in place to build on 13 individual lots.Boat docks are also permitted for each site, as well as 10 acres of submerged land off this astounding waterfront location.

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