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From the details in the article it sounds like this happened in Scotland, not Germany, but Neuschwanstein does get credited as being the inspiration for the Cinderella Castle all the time...

Any pro photographer that does commercial work and nudes has to know that there may be some criticism and backlash.

One was seen fully naked relaxing in the bath after a long day on the farm.He further contends that NTS staff were fully aware of the specific nature of the photoshoot at the time, including via the oversight of at least one female member of staff, who is said to have supervised the photoshoot throughout, either in person or by way of CCTV.Hey Fstoppers - you have a picture of the immediately-recognizable Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria (as in Germany) as your lead photo.Following the shoot, Kennedy and his wife Karen offered the prints for sale worldwide.It wasn’t until four years later that the images came to the attention of Gabriel Forbes-Sempill - the daughter of Lord Sempill, who gifted the ancient monument to The National Trust in 1963.would never sanction photographs of this nature, especially at a location that is regularly visited by families with children." They insist there’s no evidence to suggest permission was granted for a photographer to shoot nude images at the venue.

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