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You a opp, that's a fact, You ain't never been cool.. (deal) I can't trust a soul, man it's real in the field.. You stupid Ain't got time for no ''Bitch'', What you thought i was ''Cupid''? Christabelle – Looking for Love (downbeat version) play download oo O Dennis Jr and Marius Wiik Playlist: 1. Nathan Coles, Terry Francis- Music Freak (Nathan Coles House mix) 10. Right after school nigga I never been the same, bruh i swear i could kill a nigga..

(shit) Stupid rappers snitching on them selves, like my ''OG'' said -Once you go stupid.... Born in 1999, last of the 90's babies I'm finna make a way, bruh i'm finna make it count nigga.. Connie Case & King Sporty (Noel Williams) – Get Down (Konduko) 10. Luke Hess – Omniscient (Falko Brocksieper Remix) 15. When Your Jones Come Down (Dennis Jr edit) play download oo O One Freaky Loop mix – edits by Dennis Jr Playlist: 1. New York Community – Express Yourself (Dennis Jr edit) 4. Skyy – Bad Boy (Dennis Jr one freaky loop rework) play download oo O Dj Klutter – Akustikk Recordings exclusive mix Playlist: All tracks produced by Dennis Jr for Akustikk Recordings * featuring Christabelle 1.

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