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Even so it’s odd to hear it in the mouth of a Wagner, and it emphasises her distance from what one thinks of as the Wagner manner.

With her slender, elegant figure and quietly spoken diplomatic ways, she reminds me much more of Christine Lagarde than the fiery composer who manned the barricades in Dresden in 1848.

She was very bitter, and she passed her bitterness on to us.” Surely she nurtured dreams of returning at some stage? She picked up her Americanisms during the years she spent in the US as a student of cultural history.Meeting the great-granddaughter of Richard Wagner is an intimidating prospect.We don’t believe family traits are “in the blood” any more, but even so it’s hard to imagine a scion of that domineering “sacred monster” of the 19th century won’t turn out to be formidable.At around the same time she made a bid for the directorship of Bayreuth, in league with Gérard Mortier, the man who had caused radical changes at the Salzburg Festival.Their plan seems reasonable enough, but in the context of Bayreuth it was a revolution.

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