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Was Russell pretty awesome in Sure, as awesome as anyone could’ve been in that movie.Would Rourke have cranked it up a few notches had he played Stuntman Mike?

He also sparred with world champion James Toney and Tommy Morrison and went out of his way to visit middleweight champion Carlos Monzon in Argentina while he was in prison for murder. Rourke (his boxing nickname was El Marielito) suffered a lot due to his time spent in the ring.

Tupac could have gotten Mickey’s first hip hop album off the ground, and Mickey could have had his career hit the rocks for a whole slew of different reasons. And you know there’s a posse of women out there who got gang-banged by the Tupac-Mickey duo, though it’s unlikely we’ll be reading their memoirs anytime soon.4.

What’s really weird, though, is when you stop and imagine the two men hanging out. Did they plan how to take retribution against Biggie if it ever came to that? The either couldn’t come up with a picture of him or just didn’t know the difference.

Rourke studied with Sandra Seacat in at the Actors Studio.

The fact that he rose to fame as quickly as he did is due in part to the quality of instruction he received from Seacat.

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