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Most importantly, the pioneering news item from Channel 4 News, the result of several months’ investigation, can be viewed here, and an important report from ITV here, with a distinct report for Granada here .

A series of blog posts about abuse in music education and the responses from institutions can be found at the blog of Norman Lebrecht.

Marys, 1973-1977; Chet’s, 1977-1978) Rachel Harwood-White (1995-1997) Sharon Haslam (1978-1982) Chris (Featonby) Hayes (1984-1987) Faith Hellier, nee Hayward-Brackenbury (1988-1992) Peter Herron (taught at Chet’s, 1978-1982) Justine Hewson (1980-1987) Fran Hey (1983-1985) Jo Hicks (1994-2000) Tom Hicks Tobias Hilton (1986-1991) James Hinton (1973-1979) Matthew Hodge (1984-1986) Noel Holburn (1970-1977) Simon Holliday (1975-1981) Julian Horton (1985-1988) Penny Housley, nee Hewitt (1990-1994) Adam Howard (1988-1992) Owen Hubbard (2005-2010) Eleanor Hudson (1978-1980; RNCM 1980-1984) Joel Hunter (1991-1993) Emma Hutchinson (1973-1980) Nicola Jackson, nee Hall (1982-1987) Gaynor James (1984-1986) Catherine Jefferson (1982-1990) Caroline Rogers Jones (Assistant Houseparent, Palatine House 1982-1985; Head of Victoria House 1985-1990) Dilwyn Jones (Assistant Houseparent, Boy’s House 1982-1985; Head of Victoria House 1985-1990) Graeme Jones (1976–1985) Patrick Jones (1981-1986) Rebecca Jane Jones (1989-1998) Jane Kärner (1978-1985) Judith Kelly (1974-1981; RNCM, 1981-1984) Deborah Kemp (1987-1989) Susannah Kemp (1981-1985) Charlotte Kenyon (1986-1991) Ian Kimber (1980-1986) Zoe Kitson (1993-1995) Chloe Lander (1981-1986; GSMD (junior), 1986-1988; RAM, 1988-1989) Sophie Langdon (visiting music teacher at Chet’s, late 1980s) Natalie Langford (1998-2004) Vicky Laws (1990-1993) John Leach (former head of academic music) Alice Leaver (2002-2006) Hae-a Lee (1979-1987) Song-a Lee (1979-1988) Su-a Lee (1979-1988) Rebecca Leyton (1991-1995) Jacob Lund (1982-1987) Omar Lyefook Ruth Lyon (1975-1981; RNCM 1981-1986) Viv Mac Lean (1989-1992) Leon Mc Cawley (1984-1991) Ann Mc Claren (1970-1974) Margaret Mc Lay (former teacher of academic music at Chet’s) Laurie Mc Namee Claire Madin (1988-1995) Catherine Maguire (1988-1990) Russell Makinson (1987-1991) Abbie Marsden (1988-1996; RNCM, 1996-2000) Ellen Louise Marsden (1978-1982) Mary Martens (1991-1993) Jessica Matthews (1979-1981) Vicky Matthews (1990-1994) Richard Meier (1986-1988) Daniel J.Wanting to please your man or make the man you’re dating happy doesn’t make you any less of an alpha female. The idea that a woman should want to please her man is a need to maintain a healthy and peaceful relationship. Where I think the trouble lies is setting a boundary between pleasing and being a doormat.When you start dating a man or in the early stages of a relationship the one thing that can set you apart is to make him feel like a man.If you meet a man that you really like and you want a relationship with him these are a few things I believe you can do to make him feel like a man.A man wants to feel manly and strong in some way, shape or form.

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