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The ancient name is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is often linked to the city of Bradford in West Yorkshire. His coach, Gary Vick, says Bradford could’ve played big-time college basketball if he chose that route. Sam Bradford has done video spots for Christian groups and in an interview with the 700 Club he stated: “I remember going every Sunday morning, just listening and learning more about the Lord. Bradford comes from Olde English (pre 7th Century) “brad” meaning broad. He also averaged 18.4 points and 10.5 rebounds as a senior for his high school basketball team. Probably after a couple of months, I really decided that I wanted to give my life to the Lord. He suffered two shoulder injuries in 2009 with the Sooners but still managed to become the No. He hasn't played all 16 contests in a season since 2012, though last year he only missed the Vikings' first game because the Philadelphia Eagles traded him eight days before the regular season started Sept. At the bottom of this posting you will find a link to a PDF I am hosting of the ‘Committee of Inquiry into Crowd Safety and Control at Sports Grounds’ Interim Report’ that was Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for the Home Department and was Chaired by Mr Justice Popplewell.The wood roof covered with tarpaulin and sealed with asphalt itself rapidly took fire; the burning asphalt added its own fuel to the flames and injury to the spectators.The presence of the roof itself caused the fire to spread horizontally at a very fast speed.

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The ‘Interim Report’ and some of the details it contains about the Bradford City Fire make for some difficult reading.You can read the full Interim Report PDF here Popplewell Inquiry Interim Report Bradford City Fire.Please note the full report PDF size is 23mb so may take some time to load.He accepted that it should not have been there, but said that the cost would have been considerable and it would have been a major task. By irony, it was the second to last game before the timber flooring would have been replaced by concrete.That work would have started on the following Monday.

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