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Instant app mimics the workflow of a real classic Polaroid instant camera, with realistic visual and sound effects.Upon selecting or shooting a photo, an "undeveloped" dark Polaroid film slides out from the top of the screen.Fans of older Polaroid cameras won't be left out in the cold, however.The company will continue to produce new film for the 600, SX-70, Spectra and 8x10 lines, which have been repackaged under the Polaroid Originals name and styling.Impossible is rebranding as Polaroid Originals, a logical move that embraces Polaroid’s rich photographic heritage, and also coincides with the brand’s 80th anniversary.To mark the triumphant return of Polaroid (the instant film and cameras, not the licensed brand of cheapo gadgets), Polaroid Originals is launching the One Step 2, a .99 instant camera that shoots re-engineered classic Type-600 Polaroid photos.The company’s instant film factories were destroyed and Impossible Project basically had to start from scratch to recreate the instant-developing chemistry before it could even sell a single pack of film.

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Users can also adjust the effect of the Polaroid border, such as choosing from 26 different colors, adding crosshatch, stain, wrinkle and fingerprints on to the border.

By some sheer miracle, a startup called the Impossible Project swooped in to save both the cameras and film.

But it wasn’t as easy as picking up Polaroid’s remains.

The Impossible Project has spent the past decade trying to revive Polaroid photography, first by bringing back instant film for vintage cameras and eventually launching a new device, the I-1, last year.

This week, the company goes full circle, renaming itself Polaroid Originals and releasing its second instant film camera under the familiar moniker One Step 2.

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