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by Anonymous My daughter has such anxiety about sleeping alone, she panics every time we "make" her sleep by herself.

When she finally falls asleep with someone lying down with her, she is up within an hour checking to see if someone is still there. She claims she has awful dreams when she sleeps alone.

I feel for you all, but am happy to say that my daughter is doing ok right now and is sleeping alone. She is an outgoing regular kid by day and by bed time the whole family becomes fustrated by her sleep demands.

She has a medical history which I do belive adds to her sleep anxiety.

We are at our wits end with it as our 5 year old son sleeps by himself and goes to sleep on his own.

I can see the fear in her eyes and she just cries and begs us not to leave her.

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She is desperate to have her best friend sleep over but we don't want to risk the night dramas that might happen.

We have got her to go to sleep, sharing a room with her younger sister but every night she wakes up and goes next to me and falls fast asleep and if im not there she will seek the house for me, I so need sleep, it realy effects the whole family. i dont care to sleep alone at mothers house, but at my dads house, i cant sleep by myself.

Thank you for your encouragement knowing I am not alone as when you talk to other parents they tut. i dont know why but i think it is so scary because no one knows what i am going through and they dont understand how hard it is.

We think eventually she will gain the confidence to shut the TV off. I am the original post and did feel so helpless, it is finally happening! I feel your pain, my grand daughter is almost 14 and she has no mum and dad and has had and awful past with drugs and abuse involved in the child hood.

She is unable to sleep around her friends and can only sleep with me! She will stay up all night crying like a baby, does anyone think this could be because of her past? I think it is a "true" anxiety and as the previous girl who is 12 posted, she hates it.

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