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It happened this afternoon that someone entered the washroom while I was jerking off at the urinals.

It could have been any other student that walked in, but it was Mr. Bulman's view and pretended to pee while he stood beside me. Bulman did not pay attention to my presence and quickly unzipped his pants to pee.

I continued to spy on my Dad and was very eager to catch him naked again.

I crave for more encounters with my Dad as the days passed.

*** All characters are 21 years of age and older *** ***** "Previously, Dylan shared his first encounter and experiences with other men including his Dad. Maybe I've been working out and hormones kicking in again..." Andrew came up with an excuse. I would sometimes jerk off at the urinals, and hide my hard cock if someone enters.

Things seem to get more exciting for Dylan and his Dad as more family secrets unravel..." Dylan's dad laid on his bed panting after having sex with his wife twice in a row. Oh my lately you've been fucking me so much I feel sore inside... The thought of exposing myself made me really excited.

Dad tried stopping me but I continued rubbing his shiny knob where precum has started leaking.

I pulled his shorts further back to reveal his entire mast under the table.

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