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On the other hand, Seungri is still hanging on to the past.

Takashi Kashiwabara has been working in the Japanese entertainment industry for many years.

Kassy looked so dashingly handsome and beautiful at the same time.

I was astonished by his well defined features and attractive charisma.

However, I am still satisfied with the ending of the story.

Character: Cool and aloof appearance, with a hidden warm heart.

The cross and the way he jump on to it symbolizes he just want to let go of all his troubles.

There are also some things which they experienced as celebrities but we may never know. Despite having all the riches, wealth and being successful in many areas. The big house, black and white cartoon is so ironic to him.

I know she tried means and ways to manipulated Naoki Irie but never once capture his heart.

There should be a scene whereby Naoki Irie reject her love formally.

In the end, he choose to be set free from all the downward spiral.

Top solo clip indicated that he regretted something in his life.

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