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He traveled 20 days, guided by two Mandans, and on 11 August (1642), he reached the “Mountain of the People of the Horse” where he waited 5 weeks for their arrival.In trying to locate this campsite, this writer used La Verendrie’ s maps and diaries, as well as other documentation and interviewed numerous Elders and old ranchers.So that if both these cultural traits, in regards to horses and dogs, are ancestral, it would be useless to seek horse remains in garbage heaps.

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Lebret, himself a student of Jussieux, Cavier and Gay-Lussac.

Eventually the site was located in Wyoming, and all of the people he met and traveled with were found to be Lakotas.

But these interviews also lead to a wealth of information about the Indian pony.

Digs have also concentrated mainly on villages sites, but if prehistoric prairie Indians had the same aversions to eating horsemeat as Dakota/Lakota people have today, then middens (garbage heaps) would not contain the necessary evidence either.

It is well known that Dakota/Lakota people have traditionally eaten dogs, and indeed they still do at certain times, but conversely they would no more eat horses than Europeans would eat dogs.

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