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He high-fived Ron who had caught on to his prank, and was chuckling with as much restraint as he could. The fact that Harry was ordered a knight by the Queen, dressed like Death, shocked them all. I'll respect it.""Despite our best efforts, you seem to have made yours," Vernon said, mumbling something about the Queen next and going to grab himself a beer. He did well not to plant them in the flower beds straight away!

Harry kissed Luna sweetly, saying she could come visit any day she liked. To realize that the Queen knew of magic was a surprise in itself. Of course, simply learning that goblins, giants, dragons, phoenixes, unicorns and centaurs existed was enough to give the elder Dursley a headache."There is a world behind your world, uncle. I could tell you of the beauty of the Veela, the noble pride and wisdom of centaurs or the greed and smiting prowess of the goblins for hours without getting tired. Red, pink, blue and violet grass, the colors blending on the strands, would have stood out some.

The poor muggles would have a heart attack, thinking the Queen herself had come for a visit. Harry made sure no-one outside could see him, as they were all trying to. He had so much fun saying his school matters were classified! But going so far as to say that any connection he had with the Queen were rumors was the greatest. That was bothersome, even if he had quite some fun with them when caught red-handed. Witnesses were few, and Harry recognized the signs of obliviated speech.

They would have to content themselves with 'Sir Harry'. In a few moments, some might even be close enough to listen in on their conversation. Voldemort was on a roll, but Harry could not do a thing about it from here.

It extinguished all the Slytherins' intentions of acting against Harry too. They numbered only five: Ron, Hermione, Luna, Fred and George.

The Prophet related his exploits of the day before in the morning paper with whatever details they had, but seeing the Grim Reaper that very morning take his breakfast at the Gryffindor table ripped away every shred of a doubt that could have been left about his secret identity. Just a few students dared approach him that morning to try to learn more of what happened, once he removed his helmet to show his face.

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They thought it might be one of the princes at first, but they ended up recognizing the charge the Dursleys had taken in, about fifteen years ago. Dudley, for his part, seemed to think more and more how much fun it was, and his father had to ask him to stop laughing so hard at one point. Harry took on his grandfatherly tone, clapping Dudley's shoulder."Never underestimate the power of Love, my son. The…thing I did to them is fueled by pure positive emotions. You need the right memories as a focus."Dudley nodded in understanding, his face thoughtful. Well, the simple fact that he could say a whole sentence did…"Okay, boys. The immediate result was quite the opposite of discretion."WHAT was THAT, BOY? You should be grateful, that prevented your shout from being heard outside by the neighbors that are trying to get a look inside."Vernon stomped to the windows and pulled the curtain closed."And THAT'S the normal way to have privacy in a house, boy! Harry smiled at the thought that Riddle feared seeing any more of Harry's sex life.He fished in his trunk, and got a nice crystal out. Let's see…somewhere relaxing…The top of a mountain with the clouds floating under you would be nice. Dumbledore chuckled at the words he heard through Harry's mirror."No, Harry, no lies or half-truths. It is so complex that even preferences can alter the form of a patronus.As grave as the period is, it is not as dark as it could be. Yes, he did kill many people in the past months, since the episode at the Ministry. The animagus form is a physical fitting of what we would feel the best to move around as, and the primal attitude we picture ourselves the most like.In third year, Harry decided to quit Divination, following Hermione. Luna knew pretty much all the details, except for the battle itself.Having to take a substitute course, he end up choosing Ancient Runes and find himself to be quite gifted. She looked for any traces of stress, sadness or distress in his face.

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