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I was hesitant at first but when I finally wore it, I loved every moment, the opening right through to the dry down.

This fragrance screams masculinity, dominance and sex appeal and women love it!

My review: 8.5/10 First of all, I don’t know which one tested (new or the old version), but got a brutal longevity, so I think that was the old formula.

I’m not a huge fan of the combintaion of lavender and vanilla, but this creation is working and so good.

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Intensive and sensible, modern, and comfortably warm, masculine and gentle...

It doesn't wear liner either, it's like a continuous story of notes that turn from one thing to another.

This week I was on a train when a teenager came and sat down opposite to me.

Le Male is magnetically attractive fragrance which seduces with its uniqueness; it is built on contrasts: traditional and bold, fresh and mild, strong and sensual, in one word: absolutely irresistible for women. Never smelled the vintage formulation, but the 2017 bottles have decent performance.

Fresh mint is a symbol of strength; the tradition is represented by lavender; vanilla gives warmth and tenderness. I got a sephora sample of it and verified that the bottle was from 2017.

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