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She loved her body and knew just how hot she looked naked and dressed but really wasn’t hung up on it at all.It was just something she had come blessed with from the factory and though her upkeep of it suited her well it just built on what was already there.Her lack of bravery in the sexual realm had been most annoying! River firmly believed that her sex was a precious thing that was very special, it could never be taken, she was aware rape was not about sex but was instead about power and control and hurting someone.She in no way thought of herself as a slut, Goddess, she had only slept with 3 men in her young life! Her sex could only be given away by herself and if she just gave it away to anyone and everyone it wouldn’t be worth much at all.LOLAnimal Sex-Fred, wife and dog fantasy PART I Animal Sex-Fred, wife and dog fantasy-PART IIRiver’s skin drank the falling water in; it almost seemed to be working like a sponge sucking up the shower’s falling hot water.She had spent the last few hours in the garden of the house she was watching for her friends Linda and Russ, gardening was her passion and she was even entering university in the fall as a botanist and landscape designer.Her anus as an erotic zone was new to her and though it was still ultra super tight and virgin her fingers had been making MANY inroads into her tight back channel.

She was soooo not into one night stands other than the one time she had one, which she in no way was upset about cuz the 40sumpthin year old man had completely rocked her world and shown her that sex could be sooo much better than what she had so far experienced.

She supposed that there was a good chance she could get burned on this one but she was very sure of herself and knew she was strong enough to overcome anything!

The idea of being anything’s or anyone’s slave was completely repellent to her and though she loved Fred dearly he was missing a little on his conversation skills to be her one and only but she would admit that doggy sex was now a part of her life that she was completely dedicated to keeping.

It wasn’t anything she would try again she didn’t think but these days with her new found feelings of confidence and freedom the sky was really the limit. She had read many many accounts online of dogs ‘making women their bitches’ and taking control of their lives.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for after the naughty naughty things she had done with Fred she didn’t feel like going and fucking every man she saw, she still held her core beliefs and she was a very strong woman and she didn’t think that would ever change. It told many accounts of women reduced to virtual slaves of their big furry lovers!

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