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John Ciani, the licensee for Sir John’s, until recently was a front for Genovese/Gigante crime family associate Anthony “Tony the Guinea” Rotolo of Bayonne. Rotolo and his first partner, Michael Della Rosa, purchased the property and Della Rosa formed the Midel Corporation, which then applied for the liquor license in 1987.

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Fucci told Agent Cuzzupe that no payment schedule was set up because he and Rotolo are friends. Guarini also attempted to minimize his knowledge of Rotolo’s involvement at Sir John’s Pub in general and, specifically, in regard to the plumbing work at the establishment. The first time when you did the work, at the time of the renovations of Sir John’s Pub, who hired you to do the work? Well, I was called down to look at it and I gave the price— well, Tony was down there when I went down there. On at least four occasions in October, 1988, Rotolo was observed performing managerial functions such as unloading equipment, working in the kitchen, moving liquor, acting like a host with patrons, discussing renovations of the facility, using keys to open doors and assisting in deliveries.

Fucci said that Rotolo still owes ,000 and pays “a few hundred dollars” whenever he sees Fucci. It wasn’t true because I didn’t know was — you know — what really I received the money that time. When you told Special Agent Cuzzupe that Tony Rotolo gave you some money — A. After the agents began issuing subpoenas for records and individuals to testify, however, Rotolo was not seen on the premises again.

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