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Different wholesalers sometimes have different negotiated prices, and so depending on the customer group we place folks in, they get their own price on the site and can check out right there.

Prior to using customer groups, we used to manage all of this offline.

They get early access to our new collections and first dibs, invites to “Champagne Shopping” nights and the like.

We use Big Commerce’s out-of-the-box customer groups to do that segmented merchandising. As a small player, we don’t want to get stuck in a pricing race to the bottom, so we focus on the areas that we can really drive value for our customers and the business.

Give Back with Big Commerce Tons of non-profit organizations use Big Commerce to sell merchandise, including The Testicular Cancer Foundation, Stupid Cancer and It's often not that they didn't want to buy the items in their cart, but that they had 20 tabs open in their browsers and forgot.

That email is often that last touch point customers need in order to convert.

Hooking everything up to work so well took about 6 weeks. Why Golf Brands Kill It Online Greg Norman Collection isn't alone.

I love having the ability to search within Slack for old orders.

It keeps me in one program and saves an immeasurable number of steps for myself and my team. I feel like people are scared to use it because they see that as "spam" or annoying their customers, but the return on this kind of campaign is great.

One of our first quote requests we received turned into a 0,000 order!

Needless to say, the tool has had a quite positive impact on our bottom line, so I have to say that the power of the Big Commerce API is its biggest growth secret. The Big Commerce API has enabled John to expand his skillset and resume.

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