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Autumn is by far the best time to visit Japan, as far as the weather goes.

For help on getting from Tokyo Narita Airport to the city, click here. Many newcomers to Tokyo Narita just assume they’ll take a taxi to downtown Tokyo. It’s 66 km and will nearly cost you half your plane fare to get there.

One of the best is the exit row behind the emergency door.

This allows you to both stretch your legs and try and get some sleep.

All of them have blackout dates but follow the international baggage rules and cost less than half the normal air fare.

You must also have a round trip or onward ticket and the passes can only be bought outside of Japan before the start of the international trip.

The information here is current as of January 2012 but be aware that prices, regulations, exchange rates, etc. Also be warned that while most procedures presented here are immutable, in some situations things may be decided on a case-by-case basis.

The information has been divided into the following sections: The flight to Japan is VERY long and tiring — bring some aspirin and eye drops with you — you’ll need them.

but no real source of information on getting by here.

The summer high temps can go up to 38C (100F) or so, and the winter temps can be as low as -2 or 3°C in the southern half of the country.

It rarely snows any heavy amount except for the mountains, but the northern part usually has plenty of snow in the winter.

If taking multiple airlines, each may assess its own excess bag charges.

If you get a ticket allowing a prior seat assignment, or arrive at the airport check-in counter early enough, you may be able to choose a better seat.

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