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The stolen material included details about how the NSA penetrates foreign computer networks, the computer code it uses for such spying and how it defends networks inside the U. Having such information could give the Russian government information on how to protect its own networks, making it more difficult for the NSA to conduct its work. But how the antivirus system made that determination is unclear, such as whether Kaspersky technicians programed the software to look for specific parameters that indicated NSA material.It also could give the Russians methods to infiltrate the networks of the U. Also unclear is whether Kaspersky employees alerted the Russian government to the finding.The theft, which hasn’t been disclosed, is considered by experts to be one of the most significant security breaches in recent years. investigators believe the contractor’s use of the software alerted Russian hackers to the presence of files that may have been taken from the NSA, according to people with knowledge of the investigation.

We now know all that came after Kaspersky at least some of these tools sitting on some NSA contractor’s home laptop.If some NSA contractor delivered all that up to Kaspersky, it would explain the breadth of Kaspersky’s knowledge.It would also explain why NSA would counter-hack Kaspersky using Duqu 2.0, which led to Kaspersky learning more about NSA’s tools.Given the timing, it’s worth considering several other details about the dispute between the US and Kaspersky.(This was all written for another post that I’ll return to.) Amid the reporting on Eugene Kaspersky’s potential visit to testify to Congress, Reuters reported the visit would be Kaspersky’s first visit to the US since spring 2015.

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