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Many retention policies are time based, such as keeping contracts for at least seven years.However, there are other occasions when documents need to be retained until an event occurs, such as the termination of a project, or the approval of a contract.With event-based retention, document end of life can be also triggered on demand from the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center, providing an auditable, controlled removal of content when required for operational compliance. Share Point libraries allow rights management policies to enforce encryption and policies on downloaded content, but that encryption has been incompatible with the One Drive sync client.Now, without compromising data encryption, Share Point and One Drive will allow offline synchronization of libraries encrypted by Information Rights Management.

This capability was not originally provided by Word 2016.

This allows you to facilitate co-existence with a unified information architecture of content types and tags across hybrid content.

While you can edit the metadata for a document in a Share Point document library, it is often easier to display and edit document metadata inside the document itself.

As a result, many users continued to rely on Word 2013.

Now, the Word Share Point properties panel, currently rolling into First Release for Word 2016 on Windows, provides an easy way to display and edit column values in context with the document.

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