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If your partner gets fed up with you, she'll do the passive-aggressive thing and just leave without saying anything.

On your first time through you'll spend your first day being guided across the island by Lisa, who will also act as your volleyball partner at the start.Interacting with the girls on the island nearly takes prominence over actually racing Jet Skis or playing volleyball or any of the other beach games included, though your means of interaction are contradictorily limited.Though you'll always have the opportunity to start your vacation with another girl attached as your partner, it's a union that's far from permanent.All this, of course, so that he can invite all of the lovely ladies from the Dead or Alive fighting tournaments to take a nice, relaxing two-week vacation.It's openly suggested by some characters that Zack's intentions are prurient, though beyond the prerendered cinematics that bookend the vacation, you never actually see Zack.

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