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DX (2)First transmission of FEC character DX (3)Duplex DXAC DX Advisory Committee (ARRL) DXCC Coveted amateur radio award, for confirming at least 100 countries DXing The hobby of listening to distant radio or television DZ (1)Drop zone DZ (2)drizzle E (1)Electromotive force (in volts) E (2)east, ended E-HA Enroute High Altitude E-LA Enroute Low Altitude E-mail Electronic mail, usually by computer EA (1)East Asia (MWARA) EA (2)Electronic Attack EAC Echelons above corps EAD Echelons above division EAF Expeditionary Airfields EAM Emergency Action Message EARN European Academic and Research Network EAS (1)Emergency Alerting System, replaced EBS EAS (2)Equivalent Air Speed EAS (3)Electronic Article Surveillance EBB Electronic bulletin board EBC Emulated buffer computer EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code, old IBM EBIOS Enhanced Basic Input/Output System (PCs with disks over 540 meg) EBONE A pan-European Backbone service EBS Emergency Broadcasting System, replaced CONELRAD EBU European Broadcasting Union ECB Echelons corps and below ECC (1)Error Correction Code (better than parity) ECC (3)Error Control Coding ECC (2)Error Checking & Correcting (memory chip) ECCM Electronic counter-countermeasures (usually freq hopping) ECHS Extended Cylinder, Head, Sector (addressing) ECM Electronic countermeasures ECOM Emergency Communications ed Edit; any of several funky line editors for old printing TTYs connected to computers EDC Error Detection Code EDD Electronic Document Delivery EDFMCM Environmental Data Fusion for Mine Countermeasures EDI Electronic Document Interchange EDO Extended Data Output (memory chip) EDP Electronic Data Processing EDPT Enhanced (fixed) Disk Parameter Table EDR Enhanced Data Rate EDT Eastern (US) Daylight Time edu Educational Institution domain (Internet) EE (1) Transmission is in English EE (2) Person with Electrical Engineering degree EEC European Economic Community EECEN Electronics Engineering Center, NJ (USCG) EEFI Essential elements of friendly information EEI Essential Elements of Information (Federal report form) EEJ Equatorial Electrojet, might cause trans-eq spread-f propagation EEPROM Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone ("200-mile limit") EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation, Internet free speech group EFFI Essential Elements of Friendly Information EFTO Encrypted for transmission only EGC Enhanced Group Call (GMDSS) EGP Exterior Gateway Protocols EGS European Geophysical Society EI-232 Latest name for RS-232, the serial interface standard EIA (1)Electronic Industries Association, replaced RETMA EIA (2)Equatorial Ionization Anomaly EIDE Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics, ATA version once proprietary to WD EIRP Equivalent Isotropically Radiated Power EISA Extended Industry Standard Architecture EISCAT European Incoherent Scatter Radar (research) ELF (1) Extremely Low Frequency (30-300 Hz) ELF (2) US military comm system using same ("Project Elf") ELINT Electronic Intelligence elm ELectronic Mailer, Unix ELSEC Electronic Security ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter EM (1)Electromagnetic EM (2)Extended mission EM (3)Emergency management EM End of Medium (ASCII) Emacs Editing Macros, powerful if ungainly Unix text editor EMC Electromagnetic compatibility EMCON (1)Electromagnetic Radiation Control EMCON (2)Emission Control (radio, etc, not smog) EMF Electromotive force (back-EMF occurs in coils & motors) EMI Electromagnetic incompatibility EMP Electromagnetic pulse EMS (1)Extended Memory Specification (IBM PC, old LIM spec) EMS (2)Emergency Medical Services EMT Emergency Medical Technician, public safety certificate ENE East-northeast engr engineer ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer, 1940s vacuum tube calculating machine ENIGMA (1) European Numbers Information Gathering & Monitoring Assn ENIGMA (2)[~]Historic German crypto machine, WW II code broken by Allies ENJEP Euro-Nato Jet Pilot Training (at Sheppard AFB) ENQ (1)Enquiry, sent by computer to get ACK/NAK response (ASCII 05) ENQ (2)Enquiry (Like Who Are You? (US Army) GA (1)CW prosign: go ahead GA (2)CW brevity code: Good Afternoon Ga As Gallium Arsenide Ga As FET Gallium Arsenide Field Effect Transistor GAFRAN Stationary German Air Force GAK Government Access to Key Ga N Gallium Nitride Gantsec Greater Antilles Section (US military/federal, out of Puerto Rico) GAO General Accounting Office (US Government) GATM Global Air Traffic Management GATR ground-to-air transmitter/receiver GBDL Ground Based Data Link GBS Ground Based Sensor GCA Ground Controlled Approach GCBS Ground Control Bombing System GCCS Two different systems: GCCS (1)Global Command Control System, obsolete US Air Force GCCS (2)Global Command & Control System, 1992 data network plan to replace WWMCCS computers GCHQ Government Communication Headquarters ("G;" UK comint) GCMP Guam Composite Broadcast (obsolete USCG) GCN (1)ground communications network GCN (2)ground control network GD CW brevity: Good GDOC Geographical Display Operations Computer GE (1)General Electric GENSER general service GENTEL General Telephone Company GEO Geosynchronous Earth Orbit GEODSS Ground-based electro-optical deep space surveillance GEOS (1)Geodynamic experimental ocean satellite GEOS (2)Geomagnetic earth observation system GEOS (3)Graphic Environment Operating System GEP Ground Entry Point GETS Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (US NCS) GFAE Government-furnished aerospace equipment GFE (1)Government-furnished equipment GFE (2)God-Furnished Equipment (ionosphere) GFI (1)Government-furnished information GFI (2)Ground Fault Interrupter GFM Government-furnished material GFP Government-furnished part GFP Government-furnished property GG Transmission is in German GHFS Global High Frequency System (US Air Force) GHz Giga Hertz GI (1)Government Issue GI (2)Old slang, from above: U. soldier GID Group Identification GIF Graphics Interchange Format, first used on Compu Serve GIGO Garbage In, Garbage Out; first rule of computing GIS Geographical Information System GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite System (Russian GPS) GM (1)CW brevity code: Good Morning GM (2)General Motors GM (3)General Manager GMDSS Global Maritime Distress & Safety System GMF Ground mobile forces GMRS Gneral Mobile Radio System GMS Geostationary Meteorological Satellite (Japanese) GMT Greenwich Mean Time (obsolete, kept only by BBC) GNA Gulf News Agency GNC (1)guidance and navigation computer GNC (2)guidance, navigation and control gnd ground GNDCON Ground Control gnu Gnu is Not Unix, freeware op-system GO General Officer GOA Gone on Arrival (police) GOES Geosynchronous Oceanic & Environmental Satellite GOGO government-owned, government-operated GOJ Government of Japan GORIZONT Moscow State University Geostationary Monitor satellite GOSIP Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile (UK & US) gov Government site (Internet) GOWON Gulf Offshore Weather Observing.) EOB Electronic Order of Battle EOC Emergency Operations Center EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal, the bomb squad EOL End of (design) life EOT (1)End Of Transmission EOT (2)End Of Tape EOW End Of Watch EP Electronic Protection EPA Environmental Protection Agency EPIC El Paso Intelligence Center (US Customs) EPIRB Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon EPLRS Enhanced Position Location Reporting System EPROM Electrically Programmable Read-Only Memory EPS GOES Energetic Particle Sensor, measures solar flares EPS Emergency Planning Subcommittee EPW Enemy prisoner of war ER Emergency room ERFAK Emergency Response Fly-Away Kit (US Govt) ERLink Emergency Response Link (US Govt) erp Effective radiated power ERTS Earth Rotation Time Service, keeps track of planet's actual position in space ES (1)Electronic Support ES (2)CW brevity code: "And" ESA European Space Agency ESC (1)Enhanced Satellite Capability (US NCS) ESC (2)Escape (computer character) ESE East-southeast ESF Emergency Support Function (part of NTSP; 1-12) ESMC Eastern Space & Missile Center ESMTP Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (does this mean it's no longer simple? Network gp Group GPM Gallon(s) per minute GPO (1)Government Printing Office (US) GPO (2)General Post Office GPS Global Positioning System GR Hail (from French) GRADU Gradual weather change GRC General Radio Communications (AN/GRC-xxx) grep Global Regular Expression, Print; Unix text search grp Group GRT Gross register tonnage GS General support GS Group Separator (ASCII) GS small hail and/or snow pellets GSA General Services Administration (US) GSAC Ground support associate contractor GSC (1)Ground systems controller GSC (2)Ground support contractor GSCO Ground systems control officer GSD General support division GSE Ground support equipment GSF GPS support facility GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD GSMP General Switch Management Protocol GSTS Ground-based surveillance and tracking system GTC Greek Telegraphy Club, aka SV-CW-C GTO (1)geosynchronous transfer orbit GTO (2)fast car made by Ferrari ("Gran Turisimo Omologato") GTO (3)not quite so fast car made by Pontiac GTOC Geosynchronous transfer orbit capability GTS Global Telecommunication System (WMO) GUI Graphical User Interface GUID Globally Unique Identifier GVAR GOES Variable GW (1)Gigawatt GW (2)Ground wire GW (2)CW brevity code: Good Evening GWARC General World Administrative Radio Conference GWEN Ground wave emergency network (VLF strategic net) GWT Gross Weight Tonnage H Henry (unit of inductance) h/w Hardware H24 All 24 hours; station operates continuously HA ("Hotel Alpha") human remains HAARP HF Active Auroral Research Program HAAT Height Above Average Terrain HAC (1)higher authority communications(USAF) HAC (2)heading alignment circle (NASA) HAC (3)Hughes Aircraft Company HAL (1)High-order Assembly Language (space shuttle computers); named for: HAL (2)Heuristically programmed Algorithmic Computer (2001: A Space Odyssey) HAMS Hilltop Amateur Mastertie System; old, big So Cal 440 MHz system HAR Highway Advisory Radio HARCO Harris Radio Company, makes HF setups HARM High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile HBI Horizontal Blanking Interval (TV) HBT Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor HC-ARQ Hagelin-Cryptos simplex teleprinter system HCP Health and comfort package HD (1)Hard Disk HD (2)High Density HDB High-Density Bipolar HDD Hard Disk Drive HDLC High-level Data Link Control, old synchronous computer protocol HDSL High-rate Digital Subscriber Line HDTV High-Definition Television HDX Half-duplex HE (1)high energy HE (2)high explosive HEMP High-altitude electromagnetic pulse HEMT High-electron-mobility transfer HEMTT Heavy expanded mobility tactical truck HEO (1)high earth orbit HEO (2)highly elliptical orbit HERE Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Equipment HERF High-Energy RF (weapons) Hertz Unit of frequency, named for Heinrich Hertz, 1Hz=1 cps HETS (1)heavy equipment transporter system HETS (2)heterodynes Hex Hexadecimal number notation, base 16 HF High Frequency (3-30 MHz) HFCC High-Frequency Coordination Conference HFDL High-Frequency Data Link, sounds like ANDVT HFDLP HF Data Link Protocol HFGCS High Frequency Global Communication System (Scope Command) HFMOD Australian Defence Force High Frequency Modernisation Project HFNC HF Network Controller HFO High-Frequency Oscillator HFS Hierarchical File System HFSWR High-Frequency Surface-Wave Radar HHS (Dept.

The distance can be either geographic or psychological.

JTF-6) JIATF-W Joint Interagency Task Force, West (inc.

JTF-5) JINTACCS Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command and Control Systems JIT Just In Time (JAVA Compiler, proprietary to Sun) JITC Joint Interoperability Test Command (US) JIVE Jamming and Interception Vulnerability Estimator JJ Transmission is in Japanese JJ Joprep Jiffy (obsolete SAC weather report form) JJY Japanese standard frequency & time station [~] JMC Joint movement center JMPA Joint Military Postal Agency JMRO Joint medical regulating office JOPES Joint Operations Planning and Execution System JOPREP Joint Operations Report JORN Jindalee Operational Radar Network (Australian OTH-B) JORN Jindalee OTH Radar Network JOSAC Joint Operational Support Airlift Center JOTS Joint Interoperability Targeting System JOVIAL Jules' Own Version of the International Algebraic Language, once used by USAF JP (1)Joint publication JP (2)Jumper (connection) JP4 Jet Propulsion #4 (military jet fuel) JPATS Joint Primary Aircraft Training System JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group (lossy compression for pictures) JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CA (NASA) JPNIC Japanese Network Information Center JRCC Joint Rescue Coordination Center JRTC Joint Readiness Training Center (Ft.

i didn't) OM Male voice ("Old Man") OMEGA Global LF navigation system, replaced by GPS OMS ("ohms") Orbital Maneuvering System (NASA) OOB (1)Out of band OOB (2)Out Of Bounds (classic Internet hack) OOK On-off keying OOOI Out, Off, On, In (ACARS time reporting) op Operation OP Observation Post OPAL Orbiting Picosat Automatic Launcher OPC Operations Center OPCEN Operations Center OPCODE Operations code OPCON Operational control OPF Orbiter Processing Facility (NASA) OPLAN Operations plan OPORD Operation order OPSEC Operation Security OR Offroute (unscheduled flights, usually military) ORBS Open Relay Behaviour-modification System (anti-email-spam) ORFM Office of Radio Frequency Management org organization (Internet) OS Operating system (code that runs a computer) OS/2 Operating System II (IBM) OS/2 Operating System 2, proprietary IBM op-system for PS/2 OSC Operations Systems Center, USCG, VA OSCAR Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio OSCE Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe OSCR Ocean Surface Current Radar OSI Open Systems Interconnection (coincidentally, OSI is by ISO) OSIR ISO's famous 7-layer "OSI Reference Model" for packet OSIRM ISO's famous 7-layer "OSI Reference Model" for packet OSPF Open Shortest Path First OSS Office of Special Services, WWII OSTP Office of Science and Technology Policy (US Government) OSWER Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response OTAN NATO in French OTAR Over-The-Air Rekeying (crypto) OTASP Over-the-Air Service Provisioning (telco) OTCIXS Officer in Tactical Command Information Exchange System OTHB Over The Horizon Backscatter radar OTHR Over the horizon radar Out Voice prosign: Contact completed, going back to listening OVC overcast Over Voice prosign: Transmission completed, go ahead OVR Overcast OWF Optimum Working Frequency, realtime version of FOT OWI Office of War Information, WW II P Power (in watts) P greater than P Plus P/N Part number p/p (1)phone patch p/p (2)point-to-point p/p (3)peak -to-peak PA (1)Power amplifier PA (2)Public address system PA (3)Passenger agent PA (4)Privacy Act PAC (1)Pacific PAC (2)Personnel and Administration Center PAC (3)Political Action Committee PAC-3 Patriot Advance Capability 3 PACAF Pacific Air Force (US) PACAREA Pacific Area (USCG) PACSAT Packet radio satellite PACTOR Packet teleprinting over radio (modes 1 and 2) PAD Packet assembler/disassembler PADIL PATRIOT Digital Information Link (US missile batteries) PAL Phase Alternate Line (W. QSY (1) Frequency change QSY (2) Change frequency to -- k Hz QTC Message QTH Location of station QWD Quarterly World Days, observation intervals QWERTY Name of standard typewriter keyboard, from top row of ltrs QWZ Facetious prosign: Are you woozy?

Europe TV standard) PAM Phase-Amplitude Modulation, modems PAM Pluggable Authentication Modules (Linux) PAN Prosign: priority safety traffic follows (also "PAN PAN") [~] PANA Pan-African News Agency Pan Am Sat Pan American Satellite Co., operates 17 COMSATs PAO Public affairs officer PAP (1)Polska Agencja Prasowa PAP (2)Password Authentication Protocol, computer networks PAPI Precision Approach Path Indicator PAR Precision Radar Approach, new name for GCA PARC Palo Alto Research Center (Xerox, obsolete) PASR personnel accounting and strength reporting PAVE Precision Acquisition Vehicle Entry PAVE PAWS Phased array SLBM warning system, 4 US Coastal sites PAWS (1)Phased Array Warning System, e.g., PAVE PAWS PAWS (2)Programmable Analyst Work Station PAWSS Ports and Waterways Safety System PAX (1)Passengers PAX (2)~"Peace" in Latin ("Pax Americana") PBBS Packet Bulletin Board System PBS Public Broadcasting System PBT Portable Breathalyzer Test (police drunk testing) PBX Private Branch Exchange (telco) PC Personal Computer PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect (Intel) PCM Pulse code modulation PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association PCS (1)Personal Communication Service (mobile phone) PCS (2)Performance Control System PCS (3)Prelaunch Compatibility Station (GPS) PCS (4)Personal Communications System PDA Personal Digital Assistant (palmtop computer) PDF Portable Document Format (Adobe) PDM Pulse Duration Modulation PDT Pacific Daylight Time, US PDU Protocol Data Unit PE ice pellets PEM Privacy Enhanced Mail PEP Peak envelope power PER Packed Encoding Rules PERL Practical Extraction and Report Language, Unix scripting pers personnel PERSCOM Personnel command PEST Plasma Experiment Satellite Test PF Pilot Flying PFC (1)Private, First Class PFC (2)Prepared Form Card, a homemade QSL for a station to sign PFRR Poker Flat Research Range, AK PGP Pretty Good Privacy, e-mail encryption program PHOTINT Photographic Intelligence (satellite pics, etc.) PI protection interval PIC Programmable Interrupt Controller (computers) PIN Personal Identification Number pine Pine Is Nearly/Not/Not yet Elm, Unix mailer PING Packet Inter Net Groper (ICMP "ping pong" tester for net) PIO (1)Public Information Officer PIO (2)Programmed Input/Output PIP Peripheral Interchange Program, old CP/M copy PIPEX Public IP EXchange (UK) PIREP Pilot Report, weather in standard form PIW Person(s) In Water PK WND peak wind PL (1)"Private Line," Motorola tradename for CTCSS PL (2)Pilot light PL/1 Programming Language 1 (computer code) PLIP Parallel Line Internet Protocol PLL (1)Phase Locked Loop PLL (2)prescribed load list PLS CW brevity: Please PM (1)Phase Modulation, slightly resembles FM PM (2)Post Meridian, hours between noon and local PMBO Participating Mailbox PMC Personnel management center PMCS Preventive maintenance checks and services PME Protective Multiple Earth (ground) PMFC Pacific Missile Firing Center PMO Provost Marshall's Office PMRS Private Mobile Radio Service PMSV Pilot-to-Metro Service PNF Pilot Not Flying PNO precipitation amount not available PNP Positive/Negative/Positive; transistor type PO dust/sand whirls (dust devils) POB Persons On Board POC Point of Contact POCSAG Post Office Code Standardization Advisory Group (paging) POD Point of debarkation POE Point of embarkation POETS Push Off Early - Tomorrow's Saturday POL Petroleum, oils, and lubricants POL-ARQ Polish diplomatic ARQ teleprinter system POP (1)Post Office Protocol (Internet) POP (2)Point of presence POR Pacific Ocean Region (USCG) POSIX OSI standard, like Unix POSIX Portable Operating System Interface POST Power-On Self Test POTS (1)Plain Old Telephone System POTS (2)Purchase Of Telephone Service (US Government) POTUS President Of The United States pp Phone patch PP Transmission is in Portuguese PPDL Point to Point Data Link PPM (1)portable pixmap PPM (2)Page per minute PPM (3)Parts per million PPM (4)Pulse Position Modulation PPP Point-to-Point Protocol PPR Prior Permission Required (military landing permit) PPTP Point-to-Point-Tunneling Protocol PQM path quality matrix PR (1)Puerto Rico PR (2)Person Reporting (police) PR partial PRB Personal Radio Bureau (FCC) PRB-1 Personal Radio Bureau 1, FCC resolution attempting to preempt local radio laws PRB-1 Personal Radio Bureau-1 (FCC tower rule) prep preparation PRESRR pressure rising rapidly PRFG partial fog PRM Pulse rate modulation PRML Partial Response Maximum Likelihood (HD transfer mode) PROM Programmable Read Only Memory Prosign Procedural Signal ("over," etc.) PRZ Polar Return to Zero PS/2 Personal System 2, IBM's less-than-sensational replacement for the PC PSAP Public Safety Answering Point PSB Personnel services battalion PSDN Public Switched Data Network PSE CW brevity: Please PSK Phase-shift keying PSK-31 Phase-shift keyed very narrowband simplex direct printing scheme PSM Pulse step modulation PSO Public service officer PSR Primary Surveillance Radar PSRAM Pseudo Static Random Access Memory, obsolescent PSS (1)Personnel service support PSS (2)Packet Switch Stream (British Telecom) PSSN pseudo sunspot number PST Pacific Standard Time, US PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network PSWAC Public Safety Wireless Advisory Committee PTD Pilot-to-dispatcher PTO Permeability tuned oscillator PTT (1)Push to talk PTT (2)Post, Telegraph and Telephone administration (UK) PU ("Papa Uniform") participating unit pub publication PVASI Pulsating Visual Approach Slope Indicator PVO private volunteer organization PWINO precipitation identifier sensor not available PWM Pulse width modulation PWR Power PY spray Q Quality (measure of selectivity in inductive circuits) Q Hecto Pascals (U. METAR variant) QCWA Quarter Century Wireless Association (amateur) QLF Facetious prosign: Now send with your LEFT foot QNH Set your altimeter to -- barometric pressure QPC Question Pool Committee (amateur exams) QPSK Quaternary Phase Shift Keying QRA The name of my station is -- QRCT Quick Reaction Communications Terminal QRG (1)Your frequency is -- k Hz QRG (2)The frequency is --, Kenneth QRH Drift ("Your frequency varies...") QRL I'm busy; frequency is in use QRL? I am woozy R (1) CW prosign: "Message received" R (2) DC resistance (in ohms) R right (with reference to runway designation) R Runway R Right R chks Radio checks R&D Research & Development R/T Receiver/Transmitter R/W Rotary wing (helicopter) R3E Single sideband, reduced carrier (usually 6 d B) radiotelephony; CHU and CIA counter are R3E RA Rain RAAF Royal Australian Air Force RACES Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service, FEMA affiliates Racon Radar Beacon Radar Radio Detection And Ranging RADARA Regional And Domestic Air Route Area RADAY Radio Day (US Mil) RADIL ROCC/AWACS digital information link RADINT (1)Radar intelligence RADINT (2)Radiation intelligence RADIUS Remote Authentication Dial In Service RADM Rear Admiral RADMO Radio Mode RADSL Rate Adaptive Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line RADSTA Radio Station RAF Royal Air Force RAG Replacement Air Group RAI Italian national broadcaster RAID (1)Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (servers) RAID (2)Rapid Assessment and Initial Detection team (FEMA/Army NG) RAIL Runway Alignment Indicator Lights RAM Random Access Memory (can be changed) RAMDAC Random Access Memory Digital to Analog Converter RAMP Radar Modernization Project RAN Royal Australian Navy RAOC rear area operations center RAPCON Radar approach control RARP Reverse Address Resolution Protocol RASC Radio Atmospheric Science Center (Japan) RASP Radio Science And Propagation RATCF Radar Air Traffic Control Facility (USN) RATT Radioteletype RAV Restricted Availability RB Radar Beacon RBL Realtime Blackhole List (spam filtering) RBL Realtime Blackhole List (Internet) RC (1)Reserve Components (US Army) RC (2)Radio control RCA Radio Corporation of America RCC (1)Rescue Coordination Center (GMDSS) RCC (2)Range control center (USAF) RCC (3)Resource control complex RCC (4)Rag Chewer's Club (ham award) RCCC Range communications control center RCMA Dead scanner radio club, which included HF utility RCNC Range communications network controller RCO Range Control Officer rcp Remote Copy (unix) RCP Resource Change Proposal RCR Runway Condition Reading RCS (1)Radio Communication System RCS (2)Reaction Control System (NASA) RCS (3)Radar cross-section RCS (4)Radio Conference Subcommittee (of IRAC) RCS (5)Remote Control System RCS Radio Conference Subcommittee rcv Receive mode rcvr receiver RD (1)replacement directorate RD (2)Restricted data RDARA Regional and Domestic Air Route Area RDF Radio direction finding RDM Radio Data Modem RDNS Reverse Domain Name System (Internet) RDRAM Ram bus (interface scheme) Dynamic Random Access Memory RDS Remote Data Service RDT Remote digital terminal RE Reverse engineering REACT Radio emergency team, like ARES, only uses CB and GMRS rec receive REC Radio-electronic combat recon reconnaissance REDHORSE Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron, Engineer REE Radio Espana Exterior (Spain overseas broadcaster) Reg regulation, includes radio rules REJ Packet control frame: Reject, data out of sequence Rem (1)Remark (computer programming) Rem (2)Radiation-equivalent, man (nuclear safety) REP Radiological Emergency Preparedness (program) req'd required RETMA Radio, Electronics, Television Manufacturers Assn, now EIA retrans retransmission rev reverse RF Radio Frequency RF/EMPINT Radio Frequency/Electromagnetic Pulse Intelligence RFC Request For Comment RFDS Royal Flying Doctor Service (Australia) RFDU RF distribution unit RFE Radio Free Europe RFI (1)RF Interference RFI (2)Radio France International RFID Radio Frequency Identification RFPI Radio For Peace International, Costa Rica RFR RF radiation RG# Radio Guide, coax cable designator RGB Red, Green, Blue; additive color mixing like TV RGS Remote ground station RHCP Right-hand circular polarization RHOJ Radar home on jam RI (1)Routing indicator (Telex or radiograms) RI (2)Ring Indicator (modem line) RIAA Recording Industry Assn of America (audio) Riometer Relative Ionospheric Opacity Meter (uses cosmic RF) RIPE Regional Internet Registry for Europe RIPE Reseaux IP Europeens (Internet registry) RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computing, chip architecture RIT Receiver Incremental Tuning, same as "clarifier" Rlogin Remote Login, networking program like telnet RM ("Romeo Mike") Radioman, radio operator RMA Revolution in Military Affairs (US tax subsidized paper crunching) RMC Regional Meteorological Center RMI Radio Magnetic Indicator RMI Republic of the Marshall Islands RMK Remarks RMS (1)Royal Majesty Ship RMS (2)Royal Mail Steamer (obsolete?

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