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For more general information and studies on the effects of blood related unions, visit the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation web site.

You say you have a "don't care" attitude, but you are smart to ask about the risks — legal, moral, and medical.

Minors may file a lawsuit with the assistance of a next friend (court appointment) or guardian (parent or legal guardian).

Additional provisions of Arkansas laws setting legal ages for minors are listed in the following table.

You can find out more about family law in your own state by contacting a legal services office, a law school that offers legal services to students and the public, or searching your state's homepage on the internet.

You can also look it up under "marriage" or "domestic relationships" in the legal statutes for your state (paper copies are found in a state government office).

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No one knows where your dating relationship will lead — but it's good to be aware as you explore your closeness and make choices.If you are considering having children together, it makes sense to seek genetic counseling.A genetic counselor is a nurse or doctor with special training or expertise who will perform tests and learn about you and your partner's family history.Getting Emancipated as a Minor in Arkansas Arkansas statute allows for the "removal of disability of a minor," or emancipation, for those 16 and older.But in order to qualify, you must be able to prove that your parents don't mind if you move out; that you can support yourself financially (and legally); that you are mature enough to live independently; and that it would be in your best interest.

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