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If you need lessons on how to skin a possum or if you don’t want to get your hands dirty then you should probably just go to Wal-Mart or someplace and buy yourself some Possum Treat, that way all you have to do is open up a can and you’re eating possum.Once you get your possum skinned out and cleaned you will need: Put the possum in the pot with just enough water to keep it from burning, cover with a good tight lid.How much longer will the joyous day when a man takes his son out to shoot his first possum be with us?

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The truth is that in most hillbilly homes you’d be lucky to see possum on the table two or three times a week.

I’m not sure why but there’s just something funny about possums to non-hillbillies. Well, I don’t know what you think about possums but us hillbillies takes ’em serious.

But when it comes to great meals like Crock-pot Possum or a Possum Stew some people find something humorous about it.

Possums take longer to cook than taters so wait until your possum has stewed for about an hour before you add the taters to the pot.

Place the taters along the sides of the possum and mix in sugar, salt and your choice of thyme, marjoram or pepper to taste.

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