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Internet dating fraud is rife, and happens internationally, although the way one is trapped may differ. Anyone who knows me and knows me as tough will be shocked to hear that I (almost) succumbed to the 8-week internet dating ‘program’ that had been planned for me!

Please tell your friends and family members, and react when you see any of the telltale signs I describe below. I am exceptionally lucky to have the dearest friend, who cares about my well-being, and she was suspicious from the very beginning.

I had been allocated a seat at a table with persons whom I had never met, and sat next to the Brazilian Gabi, who has since become a friend.

She was the date for the lunch of a German man based in Cape Town, whom she had recently met via Tinder. Gabi is a spontaneous person, and could not understand why I had attended the lunch on my own, and felt that I needed to get onto Tinder to ‘fire’ up my social life.

Interestingly (and part of the clever plan) is that they provide their gmail details, probably with a fake name and surname, and request that you write to them.

I gushed forth in detail in the first such email, and held back more and more as I communicated with more and more Tinderers.#.

However, a common name such as Richard or a Robert will take forever to find (it must of course have the same photograph).

Even with a surname don’t hold your breath in finding the person, as the name and surname probably are fake.

I had never heard of Tinder before, and was petrified to even touch my phone, so Gabi Tindered for me, choosing who she was accepting and rejecting on my behalf for the rest of the afternoon.I did see how this information was manipulated, with false details and profiles being posted on Facebook, starting with the name, age, and tertiary education institution.#.If the name is unusual, one should be able to search for it and find it on Facebook.I was matched with a ‘Gotz’, which was unusual and easy to find, and it turned out to be a German surname with the same photograph of a man aged 71, looking at least 20 years younger, living in a village in Germany, a widower, and with only two photographs, of what looked like funeral wreaths!He wrote to me that he is Swedish, lives in Montana in Pretoria, and is an engineer on an oil rig near Mossel Bay.

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