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King James II of England and Ireland (James VII of Scotland) landed at Kinsale in March 1689 with a force of 2,500 men, raised with the support of King Louis XIV, as part of his campaign to regain power in England, Scotland and Ireland.In 1690, James II of England returned to exile in France from Kinsale, following his defeat at the Battle of the Boyne by William III of England (also Stadtholder William III of the House of Orange-Nassau) after the Glorious Revolution (or Revolution of 1688) in England against the background of wars involving France under King Louis XIV.It returned two members to the Irish House of Commons prior to its abolition in 1800.In its history, Kinsale has also important occasional links with Spain.Prominent historical buildings in the town include St. John the Baptist (Catholic) of 1839, the Market House of c.1600 and the so-called French Prison (or Desmond Castle, associated with the Earls of Desmond) of c. Charles Fort, a partly restored star fort of 1677, is in nearby Summercove.James's Fort, which dates from the reign of James I, is located on the other side of the cove, on the Castlepark peninsula.

This bridge replaced an older cast iron structure of the early 1880s which was located approximately 3km upstream on the River Bandon, near Tisaxon More. The Transition Town group is a community-based organisation, supported by Kinsale town council.Buses regularly operate from Kinsale to Cork City, with most of these stopping at Cork Airport on the way.Kinsale and Bandon are linked by public transport with a bus service provided by East Cork Rural Transport.In 1518 Archduke Ferdinand, later Emperor Ferdinand I, paid an unscheduled visit to the town, during which one of his staff wrote a remarkable account of its inhabitants.In 1601 a Spanish military expedition - the last of the Armadas launched against England - landed in Kinsale in order to link with Irish rebel forces and attack England through Ireland.

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