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Digits always appear as tuples, and are always between 10 and 69 in value.

The Dell Secure Works® Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) research team has discovered a new variant of the Pushdo malware downloader.

This old variant generated fake Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections to legitimate websites.

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This algorithm provides a 50% chance of a request to a website's homepage versus the fake path generated by Pushdo beginning with the "? In 1992 a Limited Upgrade the was started for all the viggen variants but the fighter variant to give them more of a multirole capabillity For the AJ-37 (attack variant) this was mostly a weapon systems upgrade. Il give some Slight backstory / info about the AJS Variant for those unfamiliar with it.CTU™ cyber intelligence researchers have observed more than 300 unique domains in the malware's configuration.Figure 1 lists the pseudo code for generating fake requests to these domains The algorithm starts by generating a pseudorandom number.

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