Dating to diapers

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And if you hate to do laundry, you could have a bigger stash, but I don’t know too many moms who want to let used diapers go more than two or three days without being washed.

The big drawback to using cloth diapers is that it does require a bigger upfront investment.

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Here are some other statistics about the disposable diaper industry that show the true cost we’re all paying for the sake of convenience.How much money you can save will depend partially on how many cloth diapers you want to have and which kind you buy.You can buy one-step cloth diapers that don’t require inserts, although they’ll cost a little more. You can certainly get by with less if you’re much more dedicated about washing laundry every day than I am.It seems like putting in hard work is old-fashioned.But that’s starting to change as more and more people begin to realize that convenience comes at a great price. You don’t have to clean up the big messes your baby makes.

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