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Chapter 3: I ♥ You: When You’re Head-Over-Heels In Like You’ve finally met that one-in-a-mil guy. In the animal kingdom, flirting is an intricate dance — sometimes literally.He’s smart and sexy, and every time he turns around and meets your eyes during chem class, your heart practically stops and you realize you’re holding your breath. One bird, the male rainbow lorikeet (a really colorful parakeet), woos his mate with a series of wobbly steps that resemble footwork from “Saturday Night Fever.” As soon as he sees a potential girlfriend, he busts a move.Sometimes guys are so shy, they might never get up the nerve to call and ask if you want to hang out on Friday night (like it’s that hard). Some girls don’t think it’s cool to be the one doing the asking, but remember that we aren’t living in the early 1900s anymore. At some point, someone’s going to have to make a move.Our feminist sisters didn’t fight for our rights for nothing! Here are a few ways to suggest that the two of you get together without spelling out the fact that you’re dying to go on a date with him. Pick up some movie passes and, the next day at school, pull them out of your bag while he’s around. You’re going to a party and want to make sure he’s going to be there. ) When He Won’t Take the Bait You’ve tried everything and still can’t seem to get through to the guy?Whether he forgets to call you back, doesn’t return your e-mails, or ditches out on Saturday night plans, if he’s not reciprocating the communication, it probably means he doesn’t care to communicate at all. By reinforcing your “friend” status, he’s saying he doesn’t want to take things to the next level. While this might not necessarily be directed at you, it’s a definite sign his heart is somewhere else.She’s Been There “I really liked this guy, and for a while I thought he liked me back.

And if not, at least you know so you can move on to a different, worthier dance partner.

We talked a lot and kind of flirted in class, but every time I asked him to do something, he already had other plans.

Then one night I asked him to go to this party with me, and he said he had a family dinner.

Don’t ask him something he’d only share in therapy, mind you, but something to get him talking about his interests and what he likes to do. I waded in and, after feeling how cold it was, told her she didn’t have to do it, but she dove in headfirst anyway, and I had newfound respect for her.

A basic question that requires more than a “yes” or “no” answer, like, “What did you do last weekend? None of the other girls I’d gone out with would’ve ever had the guts to jump in.

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