Dating taurus men

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The cuddly Venus in Taurus guy is more of love magnet than a pursuer.As a fixed earth sign Venus, he is physically affectionate but conservative at first - he conserves his energy until he knows its got potential.He'll be impressed by someone with a well-stocked kitchen, and all the cooking gizmos. Give him a taste of what it would be like to share your lives together!He's allured by the organic and feminine, with Venus in the sign it rules.He's attracted to what endures, and what he considers worth creating from the ground up. Look to the senses to set a mood, one that will create a memory to evoke again and again.For example, bake something with vanilla, for an evening in.He's someone who wants to let their hair down at home, and slip into something more comfortable!

For him, investing in earthly pleasure brings a high return in memorable moments. He appreciates comforts of the home, like downy comforters and flowers in a vase by the bed.

He's naturally artful and is attracted to the same.

He'd like someone to settle with whom he can settle into a productive groove.

Others say less is more, with bare skin being the sexiest draw there is.

Venus Taurus Man: loyal, reserved, artistic, chill, doesn't like to be rushed, affectionate, lover of style and beauty.

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