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Alternatively of course you can find Swedish guys through your friends, go to Swedish bars and restaurants or best of all visit the country.

Don't Generalise Firstly recognise the fact that every guy is unique and different and there is no single way that Swedish guys are going to act it will depend on the guy you meet.

But being an expat has proved to be not only the perfect conversation starter among Swedes, but a great way to meet people.

And many of my single friends have said it's a great way to start a relationship too.

Not that I go to them, of course, it's just something I've noticed. And it's not even interesting to us other expats!

Some people in Northern areas of Sweden will speed Saami or Finnish.

Swedish is a Germanic language with ties to Latin, German and Danish.

Sweden has made such a conscious effort on gender equality that examples of anything otherwise abroad are like a thorn in us expat males' side. He'll spend 30 minutes fixing his hair before you even head out to the discotheque," he explained.

An Irish guy who's been here for years reflected that he can't get over how long Swedish men spend in front of mirrors. And heaven forbid you get stuck in a queue for a bathroom if there's a mirror inside.

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