Dating soldier ptsd

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Some scientists are also wary of the nonprofit spearheading ecstasy therapy, a group with the stated goal of making the banned drugs part of mainstream culture.

But the scope and severity of PTSD makes it all irrelevant, said Sutton, who now works as New York City's commissioner of veteran services.

"We're in this odd situation where one of the most promising therapies also happens to be a Schedule 1 substance banned by the [Drug Enforcement Administration]," said retired Brigadier General Loree Sutton, who until 2010 was the highest-ranking psychiatrist in the US Army.

Because of the stigma attached to psychedelics since the trippy 1960s, many military and government leaders still hesitate to embrace them.

The lawsuit failed, and Doblin realised that psychedelics were perceived as too fringe to win public support.

Only two drugs are approved for treating PTSD: Zoloft and Paxil.

Both have proved largely ineffective when it comes to veterans, whose cases are especially difficult to resolve because of their prolonged or repeated exposure to combat.

"If this is something that could really save lives, we need to run and not walk toward it.

We need to follow the data." PTSD has been a problem for the military for decades, but America's recent wars have pushed it to epidemic-level heights.

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