Dating sim girls wiki updating maps on garmin c330

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At Carter's invitation, Nate attends a poker game and loses quite a bit of money, and he realizes that Carter set him up.Chuck saves him from physical harm by paying his gambling debt, but when Nate tries to repay Chuck, he finds that his trust fund has been emptied (Bad News Blair).She agrees but before he can meet her, Blair leads him up to the suite to have sex.They find Serena there, and Blair runs downstairs to tell Serena's date Dan about her sleeping with Nate.In the finale he is the only main character who is still single.

By the end of the series Nate has realised that he loves both Blair - his on/off girlfriend and her best friend Serena.His mother, Anne, later finds it hidden and believes that it is Nate's; his father lies and lets Nate take the fall (Seventeen Candles).Nate's father promises Nate that he only did drugs once, but Nate witnesses him purchasing coke again later.They plan to have sex but don't, as he tells Blair that he slept with Serena before they do it.She decides to forgive him and they attend the Kiss on The Lips Party together.

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