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The overuse of technology is ruining potential connections.

A new relationship requires face-to-face interaction, understanding nuances and observing how a person moves in order to build a strong foundation. How do you think romance or our view of love has changed from our parents' generation to now? Today, you throw it away or trade it in for a better model.

What do you think men have given up on or lost on the flip side?

Men need to feel needed and appreciated but women are so busy showing a man how they have it all together and figured out that men question how they would fit into that type of woman’s life.

It’s all about identifying someone’s best assets and enhancing them.

We can only give someone delicate insight and professional advice on what looks best on them, but if they cannot “own” a style, it’s useless. Biggest pet peeve you see in female and male clients in LA?

Depending on technology to do this creates miscommunication and doubt. How much do you think one's city affects his or her dating life? Would you expect a very different landscape in other cities like San Francisco, New York, Chicago? What do you think is the most romantic place in the city?

How do you help someone if you really don't agree with their style, look or fashion?Everybody has blind spots and room for improvement.Women are generally more open and receptive to understanding how they’re being perceived by the opposite sex.How did you find your way into the world of matchmaking? Since our wine bar was intimate and romantic, customers started confiding in us about their love lives.We started to listen to people’s stories of being single and noticed that it was less about them having access to other singles (like they were saying) and more about them being unaware of their blind spots or how to lead with their best assets. Our casting and fashion background are key to finding the best matches for our clients, but it’s been through our own unique experiences as being “serial singles” for years, a background in psychology and a male-and-female perspective that has created remarkable results for our clients. Learning how to flirt and cultivating relationships .

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