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This question didn’t just drop out of heaven, however.It was born of the popularity of Dan Brown’s controversial novel, .

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Philo, a contemporary of Jesus, was a Jewish philosopher who lived in Alexandria, Egypt, and who wrote many volumes in the first half of the century.There are about four thousand men that live in this way, and neither marry wives, nor are desirous to keep servants; as thinking the latter tempts men to be unjust, and the former gives the handle to domestic quarrels; but as they live by themselves, they minister one to another.There can be no doubt that many Essenes (scholars say that some might have been married) chose to be unmarried.But then Jesus never shied away from the unusual or counter-cultural, especially when it came to his relationships with women.Excursus: Unmarried Jewish Men in the Time of Jesus Two prominent Jewish writers from the first-century A.

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