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While he accepts men over 60 on to his books, his cut-off point for women is 42. Incidentally he says a lady should never reveal her precise age so “older than Kylie, younger than Madonna it is”.He says dating agencies that accept women over 42 are a swizz, middle-aged men don’t want contemporaries and that: “Women are like a bunch of flowers.

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l For more information about Alun Jenkins go to uk and uk THE DATING COACH Paula Rosdol, 52, is a dating coach who practised what she now preaches. All he knows is that I am single and a journalist who wants to know about her romantic prospects.

An American and former management consultant she arrived in London as a 45-year-old divorcée and found love at 50. “I’m waiting for a connection with the spirit world,” he tells me waving a wand. There appear to be several men “crossing my path.” One is a criminal lawyer, one a dark-eyed Irishman (yes please) and one an affair with a married man.

It’s hard to meet a master of body language (or, to quote Eastman, “nonverbal communication”) and not worry about what you’re doing with your hands, how solid your eye contact is, and whether he’s reading your mind. For eight months, Eastman has been teaching singles on the dating scene to read minds, too, and to use their bodies to send clear signals. ” by playing with the buttons on his shirt, looking at his lips, or softening the tone of your voice just so.

For example, you can send the message, “If you touch me, I will gag,” by slowly moving away each time your date invades your personal space. Those moves might sound primitive, but on a first or second date, it’s difficult to say exactly what you’re thinking. Eastman’s theory is that if you’re not fluent in body language, you’re likely to give your date the wrong idea, to inadvertently act uninterested when you’re interested or vice versa, to be left mystified by someone’s vanishing act, even though he was telling you the whole time—wordlessly, of course—that he couldn’t wait to get away.

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