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The Art Crime Team is coordinated through the FBI’s Art Theft Program, located at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D. Art Crime Team agents receive specialized training in art and cultural property investigations and assist in art related investigations worldwide in cooperation with foreign law enforcement officials and FBI legal attaché offices. Since its inception, the Art Crime Team has recovered more than 14,850 items valued at over 5 million.The FBI has primary investigative jurisdiction for all federal criminal laws except cases in which responsibility is, by statute or otherwise, specifically assigned to another agency.To recover these precious pieces—and to bring these criminals to justice—the FBI has a dedicated Art Crime Team of 16 special agents, supported by DOJ trial attorneys for prosecutions. persons and organizations requiring access to the National Stolen Art File should contact their closest FBI Field Office; international organizations should contact their closest FBI Legal Attaché Office.The Bureau also runs the National Stolen Art File, a computerized index of reported stolen art and cultural properties for the use of law enforcement agencies across the world. The National Stolen Art File (NSAF) is a database of stolen art and cultural property. When an object is recovered, it is removed from the database.Therefore while foreach() works, functions like next(), current(), or each() don't seem to work as you would expect -- the pointer never seems to move or keeps getting reset.//Output:// name: Romania// capital: Bucharest// language: Romanian// name: Frace// capital: Paris// language: France// name: Spain// capital: Madrid// language: Spanish NOTE: You don't need to include the xml file in the php file.. Encoding declaration should follow immediately after the version = '...' and before standalone = '...'. Example # DOM Interoperability التشغيل البيني PHP has a mechanism to convert XML nodes between Simple XML and DOM formats.This example shows how one might change a DOM element to Simple XML .

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Cheers [Editor's Note: The Simple XMLIterator class, however, does implement these methods.] While Simple XMLElement claims to be iterable, it does not seem to implement the standard Iterator interface functions like ::next and ::reset properly.

The FBI established a rapid deployment Art Crime Team in 2004.

The team is composed of 16 special agents, each responsible for addressing art and cultural property crime cases in an assigned geographic region. Department of Justice provides special trial attorneys to the Art Crime Team for prosecutive support.

But also doing the following:foreach ($obj-node_name as $elem) always results in iteration of 'node_name' elements.

So no further check is needed to distinguish the number of nodes of that type.

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