Dating after gastric bypass radiometric dating explained for kids

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I just got back from an informative seminar about GB/Lap-band surgery. I have made the appointment for the consultation..... I'm 7 yrs out from gastric bypass surgery & I'm 47 yrs old. Although I weighed im at 248lbs 5 years later, I have and still am going thru some really tough issues. I had gastric bypass on in April 2012 and I look and feel great and am in the best health of my life.... I was never a diabetic and am now a sever hypoglycemic. I had my bypass surgery on 5/15/13 the wost pain I have ever felt in my life but the more I got out of bed and walked the better I felt. I'm having some difficulty with drinking slow so I bought some sippy cups wich works pretty well bec... It has been a very difficult week, lots of pain and discomfort. Hello, if anyone out there has wondered what it would be like to have gastric bypass surgery it wasn't me in 2002.I certainly was impressed by the benefits and potential results of it, they even had a few people there that had had it and I was impressed by them as well. I have contacted my insurance company and my insurance company will pay for the surgery only after a 6 month physician documented diet program... and started out at 377lbs on 4/1/13, i have lost 122lbs but have 100lbs to go and am at a STANDSTILL and its freakin me out some.. i dont OVER EAT and wk out OFTEN..FRUSTRATED to say the least.. I am constantly sick ( nausea, vomiting, severe abdominal pain, depression... I am having surgery on 09/16/15 and I am SO scared! only drank socially before, but in last 15 months have gon to detox twice and now attend 'AAanyone else have this experience I had the gastric so far I feel ok. I did have some gas pain but nothing that couldn't be handled. I was so overjoyed at my success but now I am afraid I could drop dead any moment. and have lost 122lbs with 100 lbs to go and the weight loss has STOPPED.. The liquid diet sucks and is very hard for me to get used to. I was on a cruise ship heading for the Panama Canal and this girl, Mindy, started talking to me about GBS.I had gastric bypass surgery in 2002 I was 303lbs and now weigh 155. My husband has passed away so I am trying to meet some new people that are single and have had bypass surgery. I hear the extra surgeries,people dieing.dumping but ive still decided to have this surgery.That way they will like me for me instead of what they "think" my body looks... I did it so that I could have a new life which I do. Im 426 pounds when i started ive lost 26 pounds in one week trying to loose some weight... I am a single mom of a wonderful 4 year old little boy. Its only been 3 weeks and 3 days, but I am struggling with following my food plan.After battling obesity for most of her life, she began preparing to undergo gastric bypass surgery in 2012.'The doctor was rude, and basically told me I would never look normal,' she told The Portland Leader of starting the process. I was really down, and scared about it all.''Honestly, I was scared at first,' Kaitlyn recalled.'I thought she was going to be like a drill sergeant yelling at me.

At 13, she could no longer fit in a single seat on a roller coaster.Her first procedure with Dr Salzhauer is scheduled for February 19.Only a few years ago, Kaitlyn dreaded going out in public because of her size and often hid in her house.I've been reading many of the stories here and have a few questions.. I had been the exact weight for the past year and a half. I started the process at 305, I got down to 265 through the requirement of losing 10% and I am not sitting at 240. Yes I lost 200lbs in 8 1/2 months, but my health has slowly gone down hill. I would still say this is the greatest tool I have... I had gone from overweight, to obese, to morbidly obese, and in the days before my operation I weighed in at 360lbs... After surgery, how much weight do you lose during recovery? In all honesty I dont actually see any difference in myself. 2 months ago, due to my 5th hernia, I saught out help from dshs to get it looked at. I shared this story with the Weight Loss Surgery group, but I thought it also had a place here.

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