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Think about five normal guys that are in your life right now. Don’t think brown dress shoes aren’t versatile either — they look just as great with a navy suit if you happen to have one.

It’s tough to say but most guys our age just don’t put the same thought into some parts of life as you and I. You’re standing around the bar at the reception with a few of your old friends. Black suit, black suit, charcoal suit, black suit, navy pinstripe if you’re lucky. Most guys consider gray to be “light black.” Because of this they opt for black shoes. Something I’ve always thought was funny is how guys will spend a few hundred dollars on a suit, get it tailored, and then wear dress shoes that they picked up on sale.

Even as little as a year ago, I would have seen a 0 price tag on a pair of shoes and scoff at how unnecessary they are.

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) with a classic pair of brown shoes for a traditional look that stands out in today's black shoe kind of world.Made in America since 1922 and based in Port Washington, almost all of the shoes by Allen Edmonds are made in Maine and Wisconsin, with a few pairs made in Italy.Allen Edmonds originally provided shoes to soldiers during World War II, and upon returning home these heroic gentlemen continued to be lifelong customers.There are no occasions I can think of where it would be inappropriate for a normal guy to wear a gray suit instead of say, a black suit, except a funeral. But is that what you want out of your personal style?Job interviews, weddings, client meetings, fancy dates, if you don’t have to wear a tuxedo, then you’ll be set with a gray suit. To wear something that every guy wears because it’s safe?

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