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It was truly a threesome vacation - we slept in the same bed, dined together, explored cities together and everything else.

I came away with a best friend and the knowledge that loving yourself and others comes from making decisions about how you want to live your life.'Over the last few years, I've received hundreds of questions about swinging and I figured what better way to inform those who are intrigued by the lifestyle than to compile some of the most pertinent and popular questions in a book.'Through their website,, Jackie has received hundreds of messages from people who were curious about the swinging lifestyle so she decided to pen a book.

During their threesome holiday to Norway, Jackie and John did everything from sightseeing as a throuple to sharing a bed altogether with Nora Jackie has six children from previous marriages and seven grandchildren.

Discussing her previous marriages, she said: 'They were very conservative and John introduced me to a new way of living - one that had made me feel more empowered than ever before''I've gone from feelings of jealousy to being able to go on a vacation with John and another woman we previously connected with!

I did have moments when I broke down and felt unsure.'But I learned from the experiences and I was able to overcome my old thought patterns and embrace a more loving outlook.

Swingers Jackie and John, both 53, with a woman called Nora, right, a female partner they took on a 'threesome' holiday with to Norway in 2015.

Walk and talk your way through your fears and figure out exactly what is bothering you.

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That's part of the inclusion aspect of swinging - even if your husband or wife is not they're physically, include them in your exciting experience by telling them all about it.Sure, you will find people who want that uber-fit guy but there will be plenty of others who are looking for that cute teddy bear physique!Of course, if you're not truly happy with your weight, take a look at yourself and see what you can do. A: Typically we organize a threesome online or at swingers event.After that, it's important to communicate those fears to your partner and work through them together' Q: HOW DO YOU STOP BEING JEALOUS* WHEN YOUR PARTNER IS WITH SOMEONE ELSE?A: The most common question I receive is how to deal with jealousy and fear when you open up your relationship and how to handle your partner being in bed with someone else.

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