Christian perspective on dating after divorce wife started dating another woman

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This was, Jesus again repeated, not the way it was in the beginning (divorce is one of the fruits of the fall).Jesus was even more restrictive on divorce than the most conservative Jews.He said that unless it was due to sexual immorality, the one who divorced his wife and married another would be committing adultery.Virtually everyone was shocked to hear what Jesus was saying.It seems to me that those who hold to this highly restrictive view fail to remember the purpose of divorce.Divorce was permitted because of man's sin; it was a protection for the innocent party.

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A divorce on biblical grounds constitutes the right to remarry, in my opinion.They would turn to texts like Matthew , to prove their point.I would agree that the engagement was taken so seriously it had to be broken as though it were a marriage.I would remind you that this is a parallel passage to Matthew 19.I understand that the reason why Jesus does not mention the exception in Mark's Gospel is that He is trying to emphasize "the rule" and not "the exception." That was the problem with the Pharisees.

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