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(See the sources for the audio compilation here.) Also, you can view this webpage in PDF format, by clicking here.(Note: not all of the links will work in the PDF version, and neither will Ref Tagger.) Jump down to subsections of this page: What Does Adventism's Clear Word "Bible" Teach About the Trinity?Here is a hint of their teaching that "God" is a group/"trio" of three "divine Beings," which we will see more of later.

According to God's Word, Jesus is the Sovereign God of the universe.

To get some background on the SDA's statements about God, let's take a look at the following excerpts from the "Session proceedings" of the "Seventh business meeting" of the "Fifty-third General Conference session" (April 21, 1980, P.

M.), as published in the April 23, 1980 edition of the Adventist Review (the SDA Church's official "flagship" magazine), starting on page 11 [Note: Neal C. WILSON: Here are several lines packed with a lot of meaning.

But in fact, what it says is not very orthodox at all, and their statement is actually heretical in itself.

It states, "There is one God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, a unity of three co-eternal Persons." Notice how their "one God" is "one God" as a "unity [group] of three" Persons.

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