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If you find a website advertising heavily for male escorts they fall into the ‘bogus avoid!

’ category and will charge you a fee somewhere along the line with no chance of a return.

So many bogus websites advertise for male escorts because, let’s face it guys, you must be easy targets.

You are NOT going to earning a living pleasuring frustrated housewives.

This means that they do not get paid until you get paid.

If an escort agency signs you up for free and then asks for money to ‘maximise your profile’, again this would be a time to walk away.A common trick used by the dodgy agencies is to tell you that they have a job for you….their client is desperate to meet you…that you need to pay their joining fee first.Don’t be tricked – you will never hear from them again. Are you a straight guy who wants to earn some extra money working as a male escort? Almost certainly too good to be true I am afraid – I have yet to meet a straight guy who works in this industry with any success.Men do not pay hundreds of pounds to buy you dinner or take you to the theatre.Anyone telling you they run a no-sex escort agency IS A SCAMMER. What you must do though is report the scam to Action Fraud, and you can do so here.

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