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Rather, the debate is over a special kind of change, the change of one basic kind of life form into another—the kind of change that can transform molecules into men over billions of years.

Hence, Braterman is using the word evolution to mean “molecules to man” change at one point in his editorial but then to mean simple change at another.

We are confident that an honest examination of the evidence completely rules out evolutionary explanations for the origin of life.

It’s worth noting in passing that scientists are not perfectly consistent in their use of the word theory.

As one observer astutely pointed out while commenting on Braterman’s editorial, physicists have devised “theories” that currently have zero experimental evidence to support them—string and multiverse theories being prime examples.

Nevertheless, Braterman correctly argues that the focus of the debate should be on the evidence for or against evolution, not on semantics.

Actually, creation scientists wholeheartedly agree with this approach!

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