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Ironically, endurance athletes such as marathon runners and triathletes are better off treating pre-competition sex in a similar fashion as athletes involved in aggressive sports.

The reason for this is that long endurance activities have been shown to decrease testosterone as well as increase cortisol and estrogen.

Technically, anything that increases testosterone could improve sports performance, training, and physical strength.

Some athletes swear that after 1-2 months of abstinence they feel strong increases in testosterone, performance, aggression, confidence, and recovery.

Anything sooner, while helping them relax, also seems to decrease aggression and testosterone.

These same athletes often point to the fact that while they were in their late teens and early twenties they could participate in higher frequency of sexual activities (daily or even multiple times throughout the day).

Sports psychology suggests there's an optimal balance of anxiety and calmness before a competitive event.

Some sports, as well as positions within a sport, depend more so on an athlete's ability to stay calm, focused, and relaxed.

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